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javascript examples w3schools online web tutorials - well organized and easy to understand web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use html css javascript sql php python bootstrap java and xml, javascript number methods w3schools - the toexponential method toexponential returns a string with a number rounded and written using exponential notation a parameter defines the number of characters behind the decimal point, ecmascript language specification ecma 262 edition 5 1 - note when a constructor creates an object that object implicitly references the constructor s prototype property for the purpose of resolving property references the constructor s prototype property can be referenced by the program expression constructor prototype and properties added to an object s prototype are shared through inheritance by all objects sharing the, how to learn javascript properly javascript is sexy - learn javascript properly for beginners and experienced programmers this study guide which i also refer to as a course outline and a road map gives you a structured and instructive, skos simple knowledge organization system reference - 1 introduction 1 1 background and motivation the simple knowledge organization system is a data sharing standard bridging several different fields of knowledge technology and practice, messagepack it s like json but fast and small - fluentd uses messagepack for all internal data representation it s crazy fast because of zero copy optimization of msgpack ruby now messagepack is an essential component of fluentd to achieve high performance and flexibility at the same time, 7 input and output python 3 7 3 documentation - 7 1 fancier output formatting so far we ve encountered two ways of writing values expression statements and the print function a third way is using the write method of file objects the standard output file can be referenced as sys stdout see the library reference for more information on this, learning javascript design patterns addyosmani com - an open source book on javascript design patterns javascript design patterns in this section we will explore javascript implementations of a number of both classic and modern design patterns, ecmascript 2015 language specification ecma 262 6th edition - note when a constructor creates an object that object implicitly references the constructor s prototype property for the purpose of resolving property references the constructor s prototype property can be referenced by the program expression constructor prototype and properties added to an object s prototype are shared through inheritance by all objects sharing the prototype, rdf 1 1 turtle world wide web consortium w3c - this example introduces many of features of the turtle language base and relative iris prefix and prefixed names predicate lists separated by object lists separated by the token a and literals the turtle grammar for triples is a subset of the sparql 1 1 query language sparql11 query grammar for triplesblock the two grammars share production and terminal names where possible, front end developer handbook 2019 learn the entire - this is a guide that everyone can use to learn about the practice of front end development it broadly outlines and discusses the practice of front end engineering how to learn it and what tools are used when practicing it in 2019 it is specifically written with the intention of being a, json ld s big day at google seo skeptic - yesterday google made three announcements which were not only relevant to practitioners of semantic search engine optimization semantic seo but which also explictly expanded the role json ld plays in the google search universe as the name suggests json ld is json based serialization for, get started guide for azure it operators microsoft - this guide introduces core concepts related to the deployment and management of a microsoft azure infrastructure if you are new to cloud computing or azure itself this guide will help get you quickly, step 2 endpoints and methods api reference tutorial - the endpoints indicate how you access the resource while the method indicates the allowed interactions such as get post or delete with the resource, sugarcube v2 documentation motoslave net - introduction this documentation is a reference for sugarcube a free gratis and libre story format for twine twee if you believe that you ve found a bug in sugarcube or simply wish to make a suggestion you may do so by creating a new issue at its code repository warning this new single page version of the documentation is still a bit rough markup, oneroster v1 1 final specification ims global learning - ipr and distribution notices recipients of this document are requested to submit with their comments notification of any relevant patent claims or other intellectual property rights of which they may be aware that might be infringed by any implementation of the specification set forth in this document and to provide supporting documentation, web idl github pages - 2 2 interfaces idl fragments are used to describe object oriented systems in such systems objects are entities that have identity and which are encapsulations of state and behavior an interface is a definition matching interface interfacerest that declares some state and behavior that an object implementing that interface will expose extended attributes interface identifier, the open graph protocol - introduction the open graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph for instance this is used on facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on facebook while many different technologies and schemas exist and could be combined together there isn t a single technology which provides enough information to richly represent, youtube data api overview youtube data api google - quota usage the youtube data api uses a quota to ensure that developers use the service as intended and do not create applications that unfairly reduce service quality or limit access for others all api requests including invalid requests incur at least a one point quota cost you can find the quota available to your application in the api console, microsoft api and reference catalog - comprehensive api reference for working with microsoft tools services and technologies whether you re building apps developing websites or working with the cloud you ll find detailed syntax code snippets and best practices, cran packages by name ucla - a3 accurate adaptable and accessible error metrics for predictive models abbyyr access to abbyy optical character recognition ocr api abc tools for, how to call a webservice from bpmn bpm guide de - okay the idea is simple in a process we want to call a webservice maybe we just want to orchestrate webservices using bpmn or maybe we have bigger business processes having to call a webservice from time to time, how to create geographic maps in power bi using built in - introduction this is the second article of a series dedicated to discovering geographic map tools in power bi at the link below you can find out references to the previous article and the project s goal part 1 bubble and filled maps part 2 built in shape maps part 3 custom shape maps part, practical gremlin an apache tinkerpop tutorial - the title of this book could equally well be a getting started guide for users of graph databases and the gremlin query language featuring hints tips and sample queries it turns out that is a bit too long to fit on one line for a heading but in a single sentence that describes the focus of this work pretty well