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south pole telescope wikipedia - the south pole telescope spt is a 10 meter 394 in diameter telescope located at the amundsen scott south pole station antarctica the telescope is designed for observations in the microwave millimeter wave and submillimeter wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum with the particular design goal of measuring the faint diffuse emission from the cosmic microwave background cmb, amundsen scott south pole station wikipedia - the amundsen scott south pole station is a united states scientific research station at the south pole the southernmost place on the earth the station is located on the high plateau of antarctica at an elevation of 2 835 metres 9 301 feet above sea level and is administered by the division of polar programs within the national science foundation under the united states antarctic program, antarctic explorers robert f scott south pole - robert falcon scott was born at outlands on june 6 1868 to john and hannah scott robert s father john edward scott was the youngest of eight children, solo to the south pole jenny davis - in december of 2018 jenny will ski to the south pole she begins at hercules inlet in antarctica the recognised start point on the geographical coastline for solo expeditions, the volante university of south dakota s independent - usd nursing hosts loss life of suicide survivors april 26th 2019 135 in the muenster university center pit lounge thursday night brad hearst told students the story of his brother s death hearst is the founder of survivors joining, moon s south pole possible landing site human world - nasa is working to send astronauts to the surface of the moon by 2024 for a lunar landing site nasa is planning on the moon s south pole one of the main reasons for that location said nasa, pole meaning in the cambridge english dictionary - pole definition 1 a long thin stick of wood or metal often used standing straight up in the ground to support things 2 either of the two points at the most northern and most southern ends of the earth around which the earth turns 3 either of two completely opposite or different learn more, antarctic explorers otto nordenskj ld south pole - by the end of november the sea ice had still not broken up in early december nordenskj ld made a sledge journey to seymour island and made some important fossil discoveries but heavy on his mind was the fact that the sea ice was not breaking up and the ship was no where in sight, why america wants to send astronauts to the moon s south pole - vice president mike pence announced the first lunar destination for american astronauts the south pole but a lot of work needs to be done before that s feasible, aparna kumar becomes first woman ips officer reach south - india news aparna kumar has become the first woman ips dig and itbp officer to successfully complete the south pole expedition kumar has successfully reached th, new delhi ready to conquer north pole says aparna kumar - new delhi ready to conquer north pole says aparna kumar first woman ips officer to reach south pole aparna kumar india s first woman ips officer to reach the south pole has already made, nasa the moon s largest impact basin - a crater within a crater within a basin the interior of the south pole aitken basin is one of the most compelling destinations on the moon nac image m103196768le scene width is 520 m nasa gsfc arizona state university the south pole aitken spa basin is the largest and oldest recognized, weather observations weather cameras uit the arctic - weather observations time lapse video weather data history department of computer science faculty of science and technology uit the arctic university of norway editor head of administration svein tore jensen, pole reversal happens all the geologic time nasa - earth s magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia but this causes no dramatic effects and will not lead to problems in 2012, home austin pole vault and throws - austin pole vault and throws is the first and only indoor training facility for pole vault and throws disciplines in the greater austin area, international partners london south bank university - in addition to the courses available at london south bank university lsbu students can study for a wide range of qualifications at one of our international partner colleges, utility pole solutions nationwide surplus steel poles - welcome to utility pole solutions where quick delivery of steel poles is the norm we set the standard for short lead times in north america, nathaniel david rowland university of south carolina - earlier the university of south carolina confirmed the death of a 21 year old student university president harris pastides said in a letter saturday to the university community that our prayers, pole definition of pole at dictionary com - pole definition a long cylindrical often slender piece of wood metal etc a telephone pole a fishing pole see more, atmospheric soundings university of wyoming - click on the image to request a sounding at that location or enter the station number above include frost point calculations recalculate data